What do you want? What do you really want?

If you ask 100 people if they have a goal, only about 2 will say they have one and that it’s written down. The remaining ninety eight or so will at best, come up with some vague or general idea such as earn more money,  buy a new car, or take guitar lessons. One day. The bulk would be clueless. As for a goal being in writing, very few if any, would be in the affirmative.

There is no learning in setting a goal we already know how to do. There is no joy in setting a goal we think we know we can achieve, say, once we get the resources, or certain people on board.

When you stop and ask yourself what you want, allow yourself to fantasize. Take some quiet time and sit in a comfortable chair, preferably upright, and allow your mind to wander to that place of pure fantasy. As children we were able to imagine all kinds of imaginary worlds, but it is shut down early in school life where daydreaming is regarded by teachers as a waste of time.

The Wright brothers, Wilbur and Orville, were two bicycle mechanics with a dream to create a flying machine. Neighbours thought the two were weird, his father all but disowned them.

Guglielmo Marconi believed without a doubt that it was possible for us to communicate via air waves alone. His own friends were so concerned and thought he had gone mad, they had him arrested and placed in a lunatic asylum, and where doctors established that his mental faculties were intact.

I remember when my son was about nine years old, his class teacher asked to see me about my his performance in class. Her grievance was that he would spend a good part of her lessons daydreaming. She thought that his results would improve if he would pay more attention. I knew there and then that my son was going to be just fine. He is now an adult and quite the entrepreneur, with one successful business and new ones emerging.

Set your sights high. Make your dreams BIG. Never settle. Allow yourself to SOAR and the sky is literally the limit.


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