About MenaBGlobal

Filomena Bruno founded MenaBGlobal to focus on a global reach while allowing her to maintain a face to face presence with her coaching and consulting clients.

She brings over 30 years’ experience as a practising psychologist, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia through AHPRA and is an experienced and qualified clinical hypnotherapist. Her background includes Federal government and corporate sectors, with a focus in private practice. Helping others perform at peak potential is her passion.

Since September 2016 Filomena has expanded her global reach, when she began offering Life Coaching with a focus on Success Mindset and Peak Performance and began working closely with Bob Proctor as an independent Consultant with Proctor Gallagher Institute. Bob Proctor was featured in the ground-breaking film, The Secret) and more recently, Think and Grow Rich - The Legacy.

Through her coaching and consulting services Filomena helps individuals, small business owners and corporate executives, achieve massive leaps in their results using evidence-based Success Mindset principles and strategies complemented by world class
Success and Personal Development material.

Filomena Bruno - Founder of MenaBGlobal